HammerFall album recording 2016: Week 4

4 weeks in, and about 75-80% of the instrumental parts are done. Things are going really smoothly, and everything sounds fucking incredible! We will take a break for a couple of weeks now, to recharge and reflect, and return to finish the rest towards the end of June. Here is last week's social media content.

The instrument park for this part of the recording.

Trying really hard to nail the right notes.

Just letting the fingers flow freely.

HammerFall album recording 2016: Week 3

Things are progressing along nicely, which always is great for peace of mind. All the rhythm guitars are done now, as well as the clean and acoustic parts. Content taken from our various social media escapades.

Trying to find the perfect clean sound for the ballad.
Fredrik Nordström overseeing the acoustic recording process.

The Cole Clark sounds amazing!

HammerFall album recording 2016: Week 2

We began recording the bass and guitars on Tuesday, and here are some of the things we did during last week. Content taken from our various social media posts, mixed with new images.

Heavy basslines being laid down.

We all need a break from the grind every now and then.

Worshipping at the altar of Sandberg Guitars at the Fuzz Music Show 2016.

Doing a signing session with our friends in In Flames at FUZZ.

HammerFall album recording 2016: Week 1

Can you believe it, this is the TENTH studio album from us! And despite a break here and there, it's almost 20 years since we recorded "Glory To The Brave", which makes it album release every other year on average. Not many can match that tempo and regularity, but HammerFall is like a machine. A metal machine! Perhaps that should be the name of no. 10? Nah, we won't reveal the title just yet. Hath patience, dear Templars, and enjoy a visual summary of the first week of recording.

Changing drum heads before beginning to set the sound.

The band together with producer Fredrik Nordström.

Pontus and Fredrik discuss the progress.

The time has come to sweat and create.

Celebrating the finished drums with a beer.

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