Farewell…for now.

Last show was cool, Houston really rocked! In the final song (which, of course, is “Hearts On Fire”) we brought up the young thrash band Havok to sing with us onstage. They singer, David, has incorporated the high-pitched screams of early Tom Araya and had ended their set with a Slayer double feature in “Post Mortem” and “Raining Blood”. Those two are always a guaranteed Thumbs Up in my book! Fans of thrash metal should definitely check them out, their album “Burn” is out on Candelight Records now and you can find music samples at myspace.com/havok. Live, it was hard to not notice the impact Slayer has had on them, but the album also has lots of Anthrax influences mixed in with the Havok sound. We all liked a lot!

Everyone was a little anxious to get on our way home, so the mood was pretty light when we had breakfast at Jack In The Box outside the airport. They have the best Oreo shakes there, they are fantastic!

That’s it, North American tour’s over for now. Summary: not as much people everywhere as we’d like, but still ok. And the level of dedication, commitment and intensity rivals that of any other nation on earth. Bodes well for the future, I’d say. Thanks for making this tour so memorable and successful for us, I promise it won’t take us another five years to come back!


  1. I love this thing!


    • Hammerfall only goes where the money is. They have promised…repeatedly to come to Australia but is more cost effective for them to play at ‘festivals’. This band puts money before the fans. We have been waiting a very long time and you guys want to take a year off. WHAT ABOUT YOUR FANS? Nightwish have come downunder, there is now reason why you guys cant or do you have long pockets and short arms?

      • Nightwish sucks, leave them where they are -.- HammerFall will come when they will be able….

  2. Förlåt alla trevliga människor, men jag hänger inte riktigt med i svängarna. Vart tog Stefan Elmgren vägen ? ::O när försvann han ? Har han lagt gitarren på hyllan eller har han något annat projekt på G som går att kika på ? Mvh =)

  3. Olá pessoal do Hammerfall.

    Por favor , venham tocar aqui no BRASIL estamos loucos para ver o show de vocês, eu particularmente sou extremamente fã de vocês amo o Hammerfall vocês são os melhores, venham tocar aqui no BRASIL preferencialmente aqui em CURITIBA – PR HammerFall ,aways will be /,,/

  4. hej Hammerfall !

    jag har en fråga till er nu. Skulle ni tänka er att komma o bli interjuvade av några som har ett handikapp. jag har alltid älskat eran musik . jag har många favoriter som jag lyssnar på flera gånger per dag nu. det vore helt toppen om ni kunde göra det . men det behöver inte vara hela bandet så det kan vara sångaren nån till . men ni kan skicka mail så kan vi bestämma en dag som passar er . mvh maria jonsson

  5. Hammerfall, you should come to Serbia. There are a lot of people who love your music and would like to see you in live performance. Rock on, and come visit us! \m/

  6. Gosto muito da banda HammerFall, desde 97 por aí. Mas sem dúvida o trabalho de vocês é incrível está mais puro, como seria compará-los á um bom vinho.
    Vê-los em performace no palco sei lá , não têm o que dizer só é muito bom.
    Boas férias mas não por muito tempo.
    Beijos á todos.
    A gente se vê por aí .
    Beijos Ana Lúcia – São Paulo – Brasil.

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