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  1. You’re the one with the bairns here. I’m watching for your posts.

  2. Hi!

    I’m a boy from hungary. I think Hammerfall is a very good band and i like it music. I Have a question: When they come to Hungary

  3. when are you guyd coming to california!!!you know the US is not THAT bad :D.!!!

  4. why you dont came to Greece, you have funs here also!!!

  5. Hello!

    Too bad I can not go to a concert today!
    100 km away from Borzavár (Veszprém county) Budapest!
    I hope once you meet you in person!

  6. tja ni är bästa faboriter na i sverge det vore kul och få autograferna

  7. Hi my Hammerfall. Polish mountains invite you…Greetings from Zakopane in Poland.

  8. I love Hammerfall . I am listening Hammerfall right now and i enjoyng it .

  9. Hello. I’m from Poland. I love your music . Greetings :)

  10. hallo
    Hammerfall i love you my great wish is my 60ty birthday you play live at my home for the biggest party ;-)

  11. i love way of the warrior

  12. Hi Hammerfall! I agree with the other commenters; You are great! I just had a thought… maybe you could collect all your official Music videos here on your website. That would have been super!

    Looking forward to your next album release!

  13. I very love this band, but I have never been in Hammerfall concert…. :(
    When will you come to Hungary?


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