Pre-release show in Hamburg

We arrived in Hamburg for the first of two pre-release gigs, which also acted as warm-ups for this year’s first festival. We were booked at the famous venue Grünspan, which has been an institution on Grosse Freiheit since at least the Sixties. Grosse Freiheit is a street next to Reeperbahn, and also the name of an even more famous venue – the Beatles played here before they had their breakthrough. Originally, it was going to be the Ballroom Hamburg, but since that was under renovation, it was moved to Grünspan.

It was AWESOME being on stage again! Last show we did was at the ProgPower festival in Atlanta last September, and seven months is WAAAAAY too long to not be playing live! Since this was a special show, we did two new songs and a bunch of classics, and later hung out with the fans to take pictures and sign autographs.



  1. ola quando vcs vem para o brasil abrçao

  2. Hi guys,

    your Wacken show was great!

    See you again in Germany,


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