Pre-release show in Osnabrück

Ballroom Osnabrück today. This place is just recently opened, and that showed: upon arrival, we noticed that the dressing rooms and shower room wasn’t built yet! A couple of workers spent the day finishing the interior of the rooms during the day, but despite several promises the shower never got any hot water.

Nevertheless, it was a most enjoyable day, spent wondering about in the sunlight and purchasing super-sized vodka bottles.

Giant bottles of booze!

The gig tonight was just as electrifying as last night, and I consumed the entire bottle of Bailey’s Hazelnut during the post-gig autograph session. The first 80% was highly enjoyable, then it almost became too much sugar even for me. But not quite, apparently, as I followed up with a bottle of white wine and Sprite. There audience was very strange, as there was almost no noise in between songs. It reminded me of the Japanese fans, where you can hear a pin drop during the song-pauses. Weird. But they seemed to enjoy themselves anyway.

I’ve seen many, many HammerFall tattoos over the years, but this one is one of my favourites:

Steel Meets Steel - in ink!



  1. HI ho … you wrote ” It reminded me of the Japanese fans, where you can hear a pin drop during the song-pauses ” ….

    I was there too and soooo terrible was it not or ??? ;)

    I think the Croud sang many Songs with you and the Chorus like , let the Hammer Fall or Hearts on fire….. ^^

    Check this Video


    But even the fans right into the song breaks was a bit quiet but we enjoyed the evening very much.

    I was also the guy an autograph for his son Niklas needed ^ ^

    Looking forward to the new album and to Wacken with you, and later the tour …. all the best to you all.

  2. Hi HammerFall and Fans.
    I was there too with a Friend, he is HammerFall Fan. I´m now hammerfall Fan too since 29th april in Osnabrück. Thank you for the great show and repeat this or come in Other City in North Rhine Westfalia. maybe in Ahaus. see you michael.

  3. Now I feel stupid. That’s cleaerd it up for me

  4. The forum is a brighter place thanks to your posts. Tnhkas!

  5. hey thanks for posting my tattoo :D
    and Oskar, i´ve screamed this evening like hell
    yes 2 years passed by, but i´m still remember this very awesome special event ;)

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