ProgPower in Mons

We got in early, and spent the day having a band meeting in the dressing room. The only way to the toilets was to go through the audience (which is, of course, insane), so we ended up finding “alternative” ways to relieve ourselves.

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like!

Very cool festival in Belgium, with Rage, Gamma Ray, Edguy and Europe. We played right before Europe, headlining one of the two stages. So I got to see some great bands perform tonight! The bus left shortly after the last band had played, we had a long drive. The bus was half empty, so we decided to throw an all night party that didn’t end until seven in the morning. Bands predominantly played were Onkel Kånkel and Jävlaranamma. Loud.

On the way to Sweden, we stopped at a border shop. Alcohol in Sweden in comparably very expensive (you’d think we’d had enough of it on this trip, but that proved not to be the case :P), so Anders and I grabbed a cart and went shopping.


  1. magnifique concert et groupe ultra sympathique et tres disponible

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