Saturday night out!

Last night, I was at the MM-even The Zone – Inferno at Lisebergshallen – which, predictably, was amazing! – and there I got to shake hands with the most famous fighter to ever come out of Sweden, Alexander Gustafsson. He has a past here in The Zone and Gladius MMA from Göteborg, but now has a home inside the Octagon and the UFC. Cool stuff!

The Mauler and I

After that we went to see Jorn play at Sticky Fingers. Unfortunately, we only got to see one and a half song due to a late arrival, but there were some splendid guys there to help alleviate some of the disappointment.

Tre små hjon.

The obligatory stop at 2112, a bar/restaurant owned by Björn and Peter from In Flames (plus two other guys), later, and it was time to head home. But not before I had one last Coors Light. 2112 is one of the very few places that has this wonderful beer on tap, just one more thing making it a unique and necessary establishment.


  1. Hey guys,
    I saw and heard you guys in Dokkum last saterday. Just want to say thanks for a great evening and an other great album.
    Horns up and hope to see you guys back in Holland soon.

  2. Jo, men visst,,öh,,var spelar ni???
    Var kan man se er on stage??? Mer än Skellefteå???
    I wonder???

  3. Ska antagligen komma och se er på Kirunafestivalen… Men vad ska ni köra för låtar där? :D

  4. Lite synd när folk “bara” frågar om normallivet…
    Blir glaaaaad när ni syns i andra program och just syns! Gott gotti goitt!
    PUSS på er;(

  5. Skulle ju vara :)
    Trots allt:)
    Så’n här :) :) :)
    Mys och kraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam;)

  6. Hey, you guys need to come to the USA! You guys are EPIC!!!!!

  7. Greetings

    Saw you all perform back in March last year in Virginia.
    It was a pleasure meeting all of you.

    You know some friends of mine in Sweden: Mats Olausson and Christer Mentzer. I’m the one who put together Mats’ website.

    All the best

  8. hey Guys. You put on a great show with the mighty Saxon in Oxford on Tuesday night. It was my introduction into Hammerfalls music & i loved it. hope you come back to Oxford again someday soon.

  9. Hej. Planerar ni att dyka förbi Norrköping på turnén 2012?

  10. Hey, you guys need to come to the USA! You guys are EPIC!!!!

  11. Tack Oscar för plektumet du slängde till mig (Karlstad) .. Men jävlar vad stora plektrum du kör med. Ni var awsome.

  12. Hey! Come back to Vancouver,BC Canada You guys are EPIC
    My dear friend Laz gave me and himself one and only oppuntuny to get to the last Hammerfall concert in Vancouver
    You guys are awesome! See you soon!

  13. you are best plase if you can im from serbia iff you can come to belegrade plase if you can i wil bee there!!!!!!

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