New album “Infected”

The new album “Infected” will be released on May 18th in Sweden and the 20th in Europe. Don’t forget to check out the new single “One More Time” at Spotify and Itunes.

And don’t miss the epic new video for “One More Time”



  1. I think this will be one of HammerFalls best albums!

    • If it’s even just half as good as “No Sacrifice, no Victory” it’s still going to be an epic thing! :)

      • Well yea that’s for sure, it will be an epic album ^^ But Hammerfall is Epic \\m//

        • I’am lisening to it ATM, and I can confirm, it’s not epic, IT’S LEGENDARY!!!!!!
          Hammerfall for the future, just one word, (ok it’s two) Please keep it up!
          That’s all i can ask! You are the best of the best in my eyes, you music keeps me living, and moving sinc four years all day!
          All i can say is Thank You!
          Oh and you are more amasing in IRL!! :)

          With love, and respect

      • I think this is bullshit! This is very bad album

    • i want hector back:( grrrrrr

    • Come one dude, have you ever even listen one song from any of the HammerFall’s old albums…you seriously think this Infected thing or what ever is better then Crimson Thunder, Renegade, Glory to the brave stuff that they used to make?
      I love HammerFall, it’s been my favorite band for year’s now, but this, this is not the HammerFall I knew…

      • Simply the best release EVER! And thanx for a mini DVD, Oscar as a “triple-beer gentleman” is marvellous.
        Go on, chaps!

    • Ja—absolut så himla bra – tackar ! Yes I agree this CD is very good – sounds are perfect and all is super fine ! Thanks Hammerfall !

    • To all HATERS : “Go F*ck your own stinky ass !!!” ,.. I listeninig HF for 4 years,and their music changed my life, I think this album is unbelievable GREAT !! , the songs are EPIC !! Yea, it´s true that the cover of album is worse, and there isn´t Hector, templars or anything from old HF, but “change is life “, and remember that our “Hearts on Fire will beat forever more for HAMMERFALL !!!


    • You think it will be it is

      Hammerfall forever

  2. Very Happy new album HammerFall :)

  3. The song One more time is not bad but I do not like the cover. The old cover was much better.

  4. well, I have to say that I’m worried about this zombie stuff…. really don’t know what to expect.

  5. Nice! <3
    Cant wait till 20th May!! =)

  6. Awesome! New album coming soon. Do we also get a new forum soon? I miss the old one and the nice people!

    • Yeah, give us teh forum back!

      And BTW, I listened to the first five songs of the album, pretty badass :-) One More Time still doesn’t do it for me though.

  7. Many changes, comparing to previous HF releases…But we can hope for the best! ;)

  8. Come to Mexico and South America again, we love HammerFall

  9. devastation all across the nation……infected but i am not alone \m/ \m/ Patient Zero kicks off asses

  10. que les paso chicos . por que cambiaron antes aquie en chile eran queridos e idolatrados , ahora con mucho respeto son una mioerda . Cancion muy mala y el videos es tristemente chistoso. se ve que el disco es una mierda al igual que el nombre y el nuevo estilo. que pena por ustedes y sus fanaticos, perdon EX fanaticos

  11. As Felipe said: “I’m worried about this zombie stuff”
    So far it looks like a lot of quite big changes… but at least it’s dramatic: What is the new album going to be like?

    And about the video: I like it, the best is this situation when rough metalists start to flee :D
    nevertheless there is one problem: at 2:00 Joacim throws his cup and box to the table and runs away with nothing in his hands and later at 2:05 the box falls back to his face – WTF?
    Who cares… I like your songs and I’ll be loyal to you – there’s nothing better than HammerFall !! \\m//

  12. One More Time was a pretty weak track. There is still hope for the album too because Last Man Standing and Any Means Necessary were also garbage compared to what they were released with. Regardless I will have to listen to the album before I buy it because One More Time did not give me much confidence.

  13. Oh man … ll certainly not a bad song on the video and net is bad, but in ways that the hammer case, this is really sucks sometimes!

    When I think of Hammerfall, I remember the first Hector with a hammer and waste-not just any zombies a la Jackson’s “Thriller” or a bad Resident Evil … and what will please those breaks? I really hope strongly that this is just a really crappy slip-ups!

  14. I think One more time is one of their best songs! Very exited to hear the new album!

  15. Greetings! We wanna see Hammerfall with concert in Russia!
    I think it will be good album! Cause Hammerfall is very good band!

  16. Lord, is this still the same HammerFall we know and love? I was hoping for something in the lines of “The New Crusade” , but alas

  17. welcome to tareq’s world..and congratulations to HAMMERFALL for there new album and “ONE MORE TIME”…

  18. I just can´t wait to get the cd on friday!!! It sounds so good! And the video is really awsome!

  19. I forgot: What about the Hammerfall Forum? I want it back!!! Please!!!

  20. I think it will the best album, with out Legacy of Kings

  21. Espero que a banda venha ao Brasil para divulgar esse álbum, boa sorte!!!

  22. This is a great album.The best track for me from this album is the ,,Send me a sign” becouse this track is the musical setting of the famous Hungarian band song.If you want to listen it the song name is:Hol van a szó by Pokolgép.This is a very very good song.we love it very much:D:PJust listen and enjoy it.
    Bye:Peter from Hungary

  23. Love the new album! Bloody brilliant stuff!

  24. Hammerfall is an amazing band and every track they have released is really well done and fantastic in their own right

  25. A police officer came up to me yesterday!
    I’ve just finished listening to the new album for the third time repeatedly.
    Someone from the good neighbors called the police because of the high volume music!

  26. Redemption is only song I don’t like becouse keyboard on 00:44 and 01:45 so happy sound but song is good when that part is gone

    Dia De Los Muertos-the beginning reminds me Terminator theme,but song is great

  27. Where is my favorite epic band? Where are the warriors? Where is Hector? Where is the Hammer? I only see the Fall…. :(

    • Infected is probably worse than Renegade. Don’t like the theme, don’t like the music, don’t like the whole thing. But that’s just my taste. One more time? I hope not!!!

    • Agree

    • Oh, if anybody else is a curious as I am:
      please initiate a poll “how do you like the new album” – if necessary with a scale from epic to crap.
      I’d be so interested in the result!


  28. Please, come to Poland!!!

  29. i was waiting for another hammerfall album and i think this will be awesome as the past albums,and it doesnt matter all the critics hammerfall is still the best heavy metal band and they still kick asses.

    heavy metal will live forever and ever!!!!!!!!!!

  30. hey come to guadalajara soon please!!!!!!!!

  31. Great band, but the sound of Infected is honestly terrible!
    I’m sick of the ‘Loudness War’ compression. There’s NO dynamic range to this album at all. It’s as painful to listen to as recent albums from Metallica, Ozzy & Accept.
    For those who understand this: The Dynamic Range rating is a pathetic DR5. Anything less than DR9 becomes rough on the ears. Good sounding metal can easily rate DR12 or higher.
    Don’t bother playing this on a decent stereo system cause you won’t hear a difference anyway. This one’s not for the audiophiles among metal fans.

  32. WOW!!! B.Y.H. is totally awesome!!! Mind-blowing track!!! The new album sounds fresh and heavy!!! \m/

  33. não via a hora de conhercer esse novo album HAMMERFALL
    a melhor banda de power da historia

  34. This is the best CD EVER!! Love it.

  35. It sounds realy great, a true Hammerfall album with some of my new favorite songs.

  36. I love Infected !!!

    9/10 for me,becouse happy parts on keyboard for song Redemption-this is only bad part in album.
    I’m your fan from album renegade when is release.

    Infected is only album this year what I listening repeatedly like the last album of Accept when is release last year.

    Make another video with zombie!

  37. If I’d hear this album for the first time not knowing whose it is, I’d say it is really great. But considering that it is played by the good old HammerFall, it kinda lacks some stuff that made them what they were before.

  38. Listening to Infected right now after months of waiting, and I have to say that this album is crap. It has nothing that made me love Hammerfall and just sounds forced to me. If this is the future of Hammerfall that i’m done with them and that’s not easy for me to say. Note to Hammerfall- don’t forget what got you where you are, if you continue with this crap, you will lose many of your old fans.

    • Now that’s sbutle! Great to hear from you.

    • If there’s anything I’ve learned in life, it’s that letting nostalgia for something define your opinion for anything new just ruins your ability to enjoy it. People like you who consider this new album crap should just shut up, because this album is great; it may be a new direction for HF, and Hector may not be on the album cover, but its still pretty damn good, just like everything else HF has released.

  39. The new album is really good, but there is too many changes…Where is Hector? Where is “for gold and glory”? I don’t like this zombie style or whatever it is…Mighty warrior was 1000 times better.

  40. hello i don’t like the album
    1.change the logo big mistake
    2.change style from melodic epic power to progressive,also big mistake.
    3.lost magic touch of melody.
    sorry but i think it’s you suck album in you discography.

  41. Esse novo disco é um excelente álbum! Pra mim um dos melhores que o HammerFall já fez ao lado do Glory to the Brave e do Crimson Thunder, talvez ate melhor! Digo isso como fã e também deixando o gosto de lado e analisando musicalmente. Infected esta muito bem trabalho com muita técnica, repleto de detalhes e o melhor de tudo, o feeling persiste com força na banda. Os caras soaram com maturidade, experiência e muito bom senso resgatando elementos da primeira fase e da segunda e incorporando novos meios sonoros fazendo um disco diferente porem de primeira. Empolgante, pesado, energia, com punsh, feeling, técnica, e passagens marcantes, repleto do bom e velho Heavy Metal Tradicional, com pegadas de Heavy Power e Heavy Hard! . O grupo esta em plena sincronia um para com os outros, as guitarras estão soando com impecável harmonia seja nos solos ou nas levadas. E os solos então? Estes por sua vez demonstram-se muito bem feitos e esquematizados, Pontus esta mais solto e criando mais do que no álbum anterior sem falar no timbre da guitarra, o cara esta destruindo. O baixo ao mesmo tempo em que acompanha os riffs se mantém em sintonia com a bateria, e a bateria do Anders não fica nem um pouco pra traz, com levadas de tirar o fôlego e as quebras de ritmo constantes em algumas musicas, sem contar o vocal do Cans que cada vez canta melhor. Tive a impressão de que o Cans esta cantando por mais tempo durante as musicas nesse álbum (talvez seja só impressão)! E o que dizer do Oscar? Não preciso dizer nada o cara criou o HammerFall, mas mesmo assim vou falar. As bases do cara neste álbum estão espetaculares e com características bem inovadoras pra banda, aonde o Cans tem total liberdade pra se esbaldar em seus vocais, e em alguns momentos as guitarras variam as bases entre si, ou de riffs pra bases constantemente criando um clima bem musical entre elas! No Sacrifice No Vicktory é um tremendo disco, mas esse apesar dos sustos, como a nova temática e a falta de nosso saudoso Hector, superou as expectativas! Tenho certeza de que o Hammer não é impassivel de erros, ou de fazer musicas medianas, e ao meu ver eles já fizeram algumas, mas não é bem o caso desse trabalho, que esta foda, tirando algumas passagens da Redemption!
    Bem e sem falar que a cada novo trabalho o Hammer se mostra fiel a sonoridade do Heavy, e não faz musicas voltadas para um pop rock, New Metal ou esses metais melódicos extremos e sinfônicos apenas para agradar um maior numero de pessoas e conseguir mais fãs! Mais uma vez os caras demonstraram-se acima do modismo! Espero muito que continuem assim! Ainda bem que essa banda existe, e lança trabalhos como este. Pois nos últimos tempos algumas bandas de renome mundial e outras menos famosas não têm feito jus a suas capacidades musicais. Eu iria citar o nome de tais bandas, mas preferi deixar pra lá, para não causar nenhum conflito! Sabe posso dizer aliviado independente de opiniões alheias que estou feliz pelo Hammer ter lançado o Infected.

    Congratulations HammerFall! Vocês são umas das poucas bandas da atualidade que ultimamente podem bater no peito e gritar: “Nós fazemos Heavy Metal de primeira e de verdade”! TRUE!

    Mal vejo a hora de escutar esse álbum ao vivo!


  43. good album, but don’t forget how medieval your music is! return to the Templars!


  44. This new album is not hammerfall, it is a new metal style. I wonder why they changed their music and took away everything that symbolizes Hammerfall.

    Let the hammer FALL on the Zombies and get Hector back instead.

    This new style is like when my grandmother is trying to write on a computer, it always end bad. Do not try to make your music more modern, becuse it coulden’t be better as u did it before.

    long live the old warrior inspired Hammerfall!!

    • Let the hammer FALL on the Zombies and get Hector back instead. !!!! YEAH!!!!!!

      This album sucks, is not hammerfall, is not the legacy of kings, is nothing.

      Hector please fuck the zombys and let them in the promise land when then dragon eat them, fucking zombis…

      Infected is not a hammerfall album….

      Hector return!!!
      “For a Hero’s Return our hearts still yearn
      Rise and conquer, let the infidels burn”

  45. sucks…no hector? big mistake.. zombie shit?? big mistake.. sissy songs?..biig mistake.. this is not hammerfall, not the hammerfall i love.. this is a teen band in the middle of the zombie popularity… try to make one of your songs the next walking dead at least you make the gay-zombie-combo for 2011…

  46. The Send Me a Sign is simply the best ballad i heard. It sounds familiar for me from another band’s song, Pokolgep from Hungary. Is there any connection between this song and that?

  47. Hola Chicos: Desde el fin del Mundo (Chile), quiero decirles que el cover de Send me a sign, no es un cover, ¡¡Es un rescate!!. La canción quedó preciosa.

    Thanks for your music!!!!!

  48. skivan är riktigt bra :) gillar den jätte mkt

  49. please… get back to your roots
    this new album is not bad, but its crap if i compare it with something like “hearts on fire” or “last man standing”

    are you playing on “rockharz2011″ only infected?
    dont hope that this will happen… otherwise i have more time for beer =/

  50. I must admit, this new album isn’t as good as I had hoped it would be, but i am not totally disappointed. There are really good songs on it, but i feel like somethings missing … the feeling is somewhat different when i listen to “On the Egde of honor”, “warriors of faith” or one of the other older songs.
    Hammerfall is not just one of my favorite bands, it is my one favorite Band! Therefore i am an a little disappointed.

    Oh and the cover is … lame? I’m Sorry for that, but for me its true! Hector have to come back!

  51. Hector is on the first page of the lyrics book that comes with the CD noobs… jeez.

  52. I think you should continue to sing fantasy, but you are still the best whatever you do! I hope it will go well for you anyway… You are my favourite band of all. Keep going!

  53. Hey guys!!! This new album is EPIC!!! I love your “Dia de los Muertos” song. It’s an honor for me to listen to a song dedicated or inspired on that aspect from Mexico… It’ great to listen to it!!!!! KEEP ROCKING!!! \m/,

  54. Epiiicccc
    This album is awesome.
    I just hope HammerFall stays Power Metal.

  55. Good metal album, but its not my beloved Hammerfall. On that note, im disappointed. I want to hear about warriors riding for glory, that is hammerfall to me…sorry guys, still love you dudes though \m/ just dont change any further, please.

  56. Question for Hammerfall: Did actually none of you react to the overcompression on this album? My girlfriend, how doesn’t now shit about mixing, compression and loudness, asked me if our speakers were busted for f***s sakes!

  57. Bästa hammerfall plattan……..

  58. Hy Boys,

    like so many other fans I must say I don´t like the cover of the new album.

    But nevertheless I like the songs.

    Please bring Hector back.



    I don’t care about the cover.. Hector, or no Hector..

    What happened with the “classic” HF???

  60. Hey mans HAMMERFALL is the BEST \m/ =DDD

  61. I give a 10 to all the HammerFall albums, but this one deserve just a 7…

    And I miss Hector. :S

    • Oh, yea, by the way – even in the mediaplayer ranking this album only got 3,5 out of 5 stars… sorry guys, that’s also exactly where I feel it is – not too bad but definitely not grand either. There’s no way to buff it up, not over my “infected, decaying body”!


  62. Fucking shit!
    Disapointed. Blond Oskar and strange music.
    Cover really woerst ever.
    Songs booring.
    Please go back to glorydays. With Stefan and Magnus.

  63. The new CD “infected” is not bad, but I need to listen a lot to assimilate than the older CD where the impact was much more direct.
    I also preferred the old cover with Hector.
    Despite everything, I love your live concerts.
    I wait for you in Italy in November..

  64. Its an good Album not the best its an good album the best song is Outlaw

  65. i love you vocal hammerfall

  66. I have listened to the entire album trying to find a redeeming quality in it and I just cant. Are there not enough zombies in the world already? Where is honor, valor, courage, and dedication to the cause? Holding the torch when no one else will and moving forward alone inspite of peril? Does that sound familiar? It should you had 9.5 albums about that already!

    The website talks about evolving to a more mature sound. What happened to staying the cause when your marketing manager shows you a new path. You know for the glory.

    Seriously guys? Can we get hector back, with a side of epic battles?

  67. damn. i wish they would come to the states and show these punk bitch bands here what metal is all about!! counting on it!

  68. Вы – просто супер!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Я старый металлист……… Вам нужен акустический концерт!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. I like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are super metall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife solo – best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for my anglish//////////

  70. I dont. riten this chtivo?

  71. Hail all!

    Was looking forward to the new album, bought it and what can I say – personally I’m kinda disappointed. The “HammerFall of old” is definitely lost. The album’s merit / achievement is primarily one thing: the “Zombie&Graveyard mediocrity” which characterizes so many bands today. Why not stick to your fans & style? Cause it’s new and therefore better?? I’m prepared to suffer one or maybe two more albums like that, maybe some with crappy names like “Tormented” or “Deceased” but if there is no album like “Resurrection” on the horizon then, I’ll definitely convert to some other way. Why? Because then it would not be the “Templar of Steel’s way” anymore but one out of many world in decay scenarios.
    Not to be misunderstood – not ALL is bad. Imho just a below average album for old-school HF fans. 2-3 songs earn a B+, the rest is not below zero… but for sure it will never hit previous album’s level. So if that’s what the new producer should do – congratulations, he actually did it!
    Oh and if you intend to run your new shows with that “postapocalyptic industrial style”, the same criticism applies here too – not what your fans love you for. Not that there’s nothing good about it to like – but just not you (Mercenary for example is much better on such – and it suits their hand writing!)

    Hope you don’t mind the honesty of your crowd…

    A scarcely ever heard – Modest Knight

  72. The (new) Album is the greatest bullshit I ever heard. I want that you go back to your old style ASAP. You will loose a lot of fans with this kind of music. Indeed the album is epic: It’s a EPIC FAIL!

  73. Sad to say but this is HF’s worst album so far…almost as weak from them as the new Edguy album from those guys :/

    The only good thing in Infected is that it has made Chapter V and NSNV look and sound like if they were good albums :)

    Go back and do some oldschool shit like LoK, or as you did in CT (which sounded better and was more rough) or like you did in Threshold, which was an awesome album as well.

    You can do better HF!!


  75. Hey guys,
    I love infected. For me it’s your best album ever. Before I bought infected my favorite was crimson thunder. Now I am infected.
    It has the power and energy of your old stuff but combined with fresh song ideas. Awesome.

    Please more of this like 666, one more time, the outlaw, Dias de los muerte, I refuse and redemptio.

    Best regards from Germany

  76. Infected? Where´s HF?

    Hey you can do it better…

    Back with the old school…pls.

  77. Hello guys!
    This new album is a hammer! It’s good to see that you tried something new and it sounds great! I hope you play many songs of the new album in Wacken!
    See you there!!!

  78. Such a change, listened to a few songs at a local shop when I heard the official video, did not buy it. I like the old Hammerfall and still listen to the old albums. Hope they will return to the true Hammerfall sound in the next album ( and bring Hector back :))

  79. las adoro chicos,y seria un gran favor si algún día vinieran a Uruguay,para poder verlos en persona y no tener cada vez que consigo plata al siber para escucharlos.bosdata un gran fabor

  80. Helo,

    I’m a blind manof 38 years old, and I started listening to Hammerfall.
    I do not know how you look,
    but i like the music…..

    Greats from Belgium



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