2nd Gates Of Dalhalla trailer online

HAMMERFALL: Gates Of Dalhalla – 2nd Video Trailer Online  

The second HAMMERFALL trailer for their upcoming Live DVD/2CD, Blu-Ray/2CD „Gates Of Dalhalla“ – out on November 30th – can now be watched here:


For this, the extraordinary 135 minutes long 15-year anniversary show that took place on the 28th of July on the historic open-air stage Dalhalla, built in an old quarry near the small Swedish village Rättvik, was captured on camera.

Prominent guests included original HAMMERFALL line-up members Jesper Strömblad and Mikael Stanne, as well as ex-guitarist Stefan Elmgren, among others, which made the show unforgettable – also for the musicians themselves.

The DVD was recorded and dircted by Patric Ullaeus (Dimmu Borgir, Children Of Bodom, In Flames a.o.). It will be released as a DVD/2CD and Blu-Ray/2CD

1st Trailer:       http://youtu.be/Z_NpPKYDuHs

2nd Trailer:     http://youtu.be/6xBq9SGDT5E


  1. Can’t wait!!!!!!!! I own all your cds and dvds.
    You guys kick ass!!!!!!!!!

  2. Esses caras são fantásticos! Há um bom tempo ouço eles e cada dia fico mais impressionada com o som deles. Fodásticos.

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