HammerFall has announced their fall tour “European Outbreak 2011” and will bring the metal legends RIOT (Us), the new hardrock sensation AMARANTHE (S) and hyped newcomers DeathDestruction (S) on tour. Besides tickets there is now an offer on the “Ultimate Fan Pass package” with the possibility to meet HammerFall before the show.

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HammerFall has announced their fall tour “European Outbreak 2011” and will bring the metal legends RIOT (Us), the new hardrock sensation AMARANTHE (s) and hyped newcomers DeathDestruction (s) on tour. The tour will prove the position HammerFall built over the past 15 years. They’re now preparing to put on a sensational live show for the “European Outbreak 2011” Tour that will blow off at the start October 26th in Copenhagen.

RIOT’s founder member Mark Reale comments: “This tour is going to blow a lot of cobwebs away. We’ve been dying to get the band back over the Europe where we’ve always had such a loyal following. This is like a dream come true for all of us, and the timing, with the new album ready to roll, couldn’t be better.”

This will be the first time the legendary ‘Thundersteel’ and ‘The Privilege Of Power’ line-up of Tony Moore (vocals), Mark Reale (guitar), Mike Flyntz (guitar), Don Van Stavern (bass) and Bobby Jarzombek (drums) has played in Europe on a full tour, after the band’s celebrated one-off show at Sweden rock festival in 2009. Having signed with SPV worldwide except for Japan where they are signed to Avalon Marquee, RIOT are currently finalizing their new album Immortal Soul which is due in October. The dates with Hammerfall will therefore also be an opportunity for fans to hear new material from the band’s upcoming – and long-awaited – fourteenth album.

Sweden’s AMARANTHE have gone from zero to a sensation in the metal world in just months time; supporting KAMELOT on tour in Europe right after the release of their debut album, playing Japan several times in 2011, including the mighty LOUDPARK festival and charting high on several national album charts, AMARANTHE could make even seasoned metal veterans green with envy.

Sporting a line-up spearheaded by a unique combination of three singers, AMARANTHE are instantly recognizable both in recording and at one of their spectacular live shows. The music fuses the most cutting edge of melodic metal with immediate and catchy choruses that will leave you humming for days. AMARANTHE will finish up their hugely successful debuting year with a massive tour with Gothenburg metal legends HAMMERFALL. A Special Edition rerelease of their debut album is also scheduled for fall 2011, which will feature heaps of bonus content, including new songs, tour documentaries, behind the scenes footage and much more!
Olof Mörck, founder of Amaranthe comments: “All of us in Amaranthe are mighty proud to go tour with our metal brothers from Gothenburg, the legendary HammerFall! To take part on this huge tour that will take us to every corner in Europe is sure to be a pleasure, and we hope their fans will receive us kindly! We are sure to do our best to deliver as good of a show as possible, every single night from October through November! See all of you on tour this fall!” Website:

DeathDestruction is the new Swedish metal hype including members of HammerFall, Dead By April, Ex-Evergrey.. Their debutalbum charted #14 in Sweden and release all over Europe is now scheduled for the fall of 2011 through Sony Music. Henrik Danhage, Guitars comments: “We’re so much looking forward to tour with the heavy metal kings of Sweden: HammerFall, we’ll smash and burn all of fucking Europe on this tour, DD RULZ!” Website:



  1. hey i was just wondering if the vip pass would be made available during the uk tour with saxon.

  2. Hey People of Hammerfall

    Why came the band Hammerfall not in the hall of Z 7 in
    Pratteln / Switzerland ?
    When Hammerfall release a new album then came
    the band in the hall of Z 7 in Pratteln/ Switzerland.
    Why this year not ?
    Thank you for a soon answer.

    kind regards

    Markus Rhinow


  4. Hey Hammerfall, hi you all, I hope you come to México again and if you do, please do something similar to ”The Ultimate Fan Pass” Pack but released for whole America.

    Stay banging your heads for the real metal!!!

    • Hi Markus

      I think it’s because HF already come to Zurich. Z7 is sure awersome but a little bit small, i think..

      So follow my side and take the fucking train to Volkshaus/Zurich^^


  5. What will the tracklist be?

  6. …no Finland? :(

  7. Hi :3

    Could you please come to Finland too? :)
    It’s still _European_ Outbreak Tour, and you aren’t coming to Finland.. You are going to Denmark, Germany and Norway, but not to Finland? Whyyy? It’s on the same area so there wouldn’t come long trips :3

    Pleasepleaseplease :)))

    And I’m still pissed about Stratovarius gig, I can’t go there because I’m too young so could you please make my autumn better? :] And If deside to come, please come to Tampere. :) Pakkahuone and every good people in here needs you guys! :)


  9. Hello Hammerfall,

    I’m so excited to see you in Holland on 17.11
    I bought the VIP pass for the show.
    But I now have a question: how long does it take to send them the pass?
    Thank you in advance if you can answer

    Kind Regards,
    Alexander Rietdijk

    Stay Metal !

  10. hey
    I’m looking forward so much to the concert in Munich at 12.11. yet I have a question, namely whether it is appropriate to order the VIP in addition, a concert ticket, or whether the ticket is already included in the VIP pass?

    Thank you for your information


  11. You guys Rock!!! Need you to come to U.S.!!! Chicago…..

    with iron maiden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Next year USA????

  13. Curitiba – Brazil, waiting for you. LETS HAMMER FALL !!!

  14. Yeah Come to Poland :D

  15. Приезжайте в Россию!!!
    и захватите ещё парочку хороших групп с собой

  16. What will be the track-list for the Paris concert ?
    In other ways , i’ve heard that RIOT would not play ?
    and they will be replaced by VICIOUS RUMOURS ?
    Is That True ?

  17. Thanks HammerFall!!!
    for coming to Filderstadt, it was my first Hammerfall concert.
    You asked, what we do the last 14 Years…???
    We buy you CDs and listen them ;) if I see that you come to Filderstadt, I bought tickets.

    You are the HAMMER!!! :D

    • True Lutz.

      I have every single CD here, but was never on a concert….untill this one in Filderstadt.


      I loved that you played also new AND old songs.

      If Hammerfall ever come back to Stuttgart i will be there again!

  18. Hey, great man of Hammerfall! Surprise! I’m a Chinese. In my country, most people don’t know you, but I know you. Most people don’t like you, but I love you. When I was a little kid, I fall in love with you. Until now and forever. I listen your music every day, Riders of the strom, Hearts on fire, Hammer of justice…I’m really like you! For 10 years, I dream to meet you every day, and in my ipod, there’re many music that you write. But in my country, it’s difficult to buy your music. So I just have a little of your music. And my dream is to go to your rock tour, but you didn’t go to China and I don’t have enough money and time to go Europe…It’ my dream. And I’m tring my best to work hard to let this dream to come true. Today I find the news that you’ll make a tour in Europe. It must be very HIGH! I hope you can make it successful. In my opinion, you are the best of power metal, and I ‘ll keep love you in the future. I hope there is one day that I ger enough money and time, I can go to meet you. I’m so desire to chat with you. Maybe you are very busy, so it maybe just a dream, won’t be come true. But if you have little free time, I hope you can send a little massage to me. That will make me happy! Ha ha…I always search the internet to find your photo, but Chinese internet can’t shows me many photo of yours. I like you, guys. Now i’m listening Riders of the strom, it’s my favourite song of yours. Hope to see you in my future,and hope your tour will get big successful!
    A Chinese fan of yours.

  19. I’ve see Hammerfall in Oberhausen last night , of course I was a new comer as I’m only 13 ! That’s why I didn’t turn up for previous concerts, but I promise I will come and see them again. I’m ready … for more!


  21. Briiliant show in Oberhausen! Awesome! Just enjoed it ;) Thank you boys for your unmatchable music! and all the hours i enjoy it ;)

  22. Please come here with all the hammers to colombia!!!!!!

    We are waiting for you!!!!!!!

    UP THE FCKN HAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. fucking great concert in Graz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!t
    Thank `s to Hammerfall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Many thanks and respect for yesterday’s concert in Warsaw POL.

  25. Many thanks and respect for yesterday’s concert in Warsaw.

  26. :D Hammerfall in Stuttgart Filterstadt Fillharmonie I WAS THERE All was shocked. He said no Hearts on fire but guitar and drum solo :/. But no drum and guitar solo and at the END HEARTS ON FIRE YEAAAAAH :D I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! :D I have a plektrum :D

  27. PLEASE Come next year agaain to stuttgart i will be there :D


  28. Will you come to Brazil on this tour? We miss you since the last show…

  29. hello hammerfall when come you all to the netherlands

  30. I love your music. I live in New York, United States of America. It has been my dream to see one of your concerts but unfortunately I am a poor college student. :( Please I beg you come to Rochester!! I am such a big fan! Rock on!

  31. Hi to all! Anyone knows at about what hour Hammerfall will be on the stage this night at SKC Belgrade? I just moved in Serbia and i got Serbian Lessons this night untill 20.30. I have already bought the ticket and there it is write they open at 19:00 and that hammerfall are special guests, but nothing about the time they will be on the stage.


  32. Thx for comming to Passau.
    It was my first HammerFall concert and it was fucking great.

    You are the Hammer(Fall) !!!!xDxD :)

    greetings from bavaria :)

  33. Why not Finland :(?
    Sonisphere was awesome \,,/ but more old songs

  34. Hey!

    I am very sad now, just one question:
    What kind of organization fail ended up at having the concert in london on Tuesda?
    If you would play on both days of weekend, then i would be there on both days, but this is seriusly crazry :(
    Ovrite, I hope you will return soon,

    Keep Rocking!

  35. ahoj Hammerfall,
    chtěla jsem Vám poděkovat za koncert v Praze,nic lepšího jsem nezažila,chtěla bych poprosit Hammerfall,zda by v roce 2012 neudělali koncert v Brně,děkuji moc Luci


  37. Thank you! You koncert in Prague was GREAT!!! And wish you good year 2012, lots of inspiration about new songs. Love you ;-)



  39. Hallå ! Bokning till Sandra Kalmar på den här sidan går till Entre Gävle, i Gävle! Vilket fel, kräver pengarna tillbaks.. Länken är det fel adress på!

  40. GREAT, i love HammerFAll and DeathDestruction!

  41. hola mellamo adrian y soy de mexico espero que bengan en el 2012 . en mexico tienen mucho sejidares los espero !VIVA HAERTS ON FIRE¡ !VIVVA HAMMERFALL

  42. Hello Hammerfall

    In Sevilla!!!!^^


  43. Hope to see you in argentina. Bad news, Mark Reale from Riot passed last wednesday.

  44. When will you visit New England? YOU have a huge fan base here. Visit Boston MA, Hammerfall is the best band ever…

    Let me know when you arrive.. We will be waiting in FULL force….



  46. please hammerfall come to guatemala city
    please come
    please come
    please come
    please come
    in this 2012 ……………………………….

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