15 years of Glory

Celebrating the 15 year anniversary of the release of “Glory To The Brave”, HammerFall will play a very special show at the very special arena Dalhalla in Sweden. Followed by  Wacken Open Air in Germany a week later, these two will be the biggest shows of the year.

“Obviously, the gig to attend is the one in Dalhalla, that will be the most unique show we have ever done”, says Joacim. ”Two hours of music, special effects and guest artists! But we will not forget that it all started at Wacken for us once upon a time”. The German festival was the first show HammerFall ever did outside of Sweden, and marked the beginning of the long and successful relationship the band has enjoyed with the German metal fans.




  1. Hej på er.
    Jag och min 14 åriga son var och kollade på er spelning i motala.
    Helt fantastisk kul att ni kom och spelade i vår lilla stad på den lilla scenen.
    Ni lyckades tycker jag (och även sonen )med spelningen fullt ut.
    Tungt hårt men med melodier i låtarna precis som det ska vara.
    Ni fick 2 nya fan kan jag lova.
    Snälla ni kom tillbaka!!!
    Finns det någon som helst möjlighet att jag och sonen kunde få träffa er på er hemmaplan i göteborg någon gång???
    Vi skulle bli helt saliga båda två.
    Hör av er på min mail så blir jag en mycket lycklig man.
    Tack på förhand mvh Jocke.
    Ps dom där Judas Priest som ska vara erat förband vilka är det :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Please, oh please come to San Diego, CA in the good ol’ USA!!! I just saw Iced Earth on Feb 22nd and seeing you guys in concert would make it a great year also!!!

    Again, congratulations on the 15th anniversary!!!

    Keep on rocking!!!

  3. Hej på er.
    Jag undrar om ni kan komma till Eksjö stadsfest i höst.
    Det skulle var Perfekt.
    Snälla hör av er.

  4. Congratulations!!!

    You’re by far my favorite heavy metal band. By VERY far.

    It would be very nice if you could come to São Paulo, Brazil, since you’ve never been here and there are a lot of fans of you here.

    Keep on with you awesome work!

  5. Hallo .Hammerfall May me is EmilPrahl >From S weden
    Karlsona .I blkninge Länert And . From
    Lyckbyes Cirtysen
    A Love .Hammerfallse Music Bay Bay
    .Hammerfall May Me is EmilPrahl


  7. When you have your rest – and are ready to go back on the road, please come to Chicago, Illinois – USA!

  8. Congratulations HammerFall, from Brazil


    Which is brand and model of red bass? Anyone know?
    Qual é a marca e o modelo do baixo vermelho do Fedrik? Alguem sabe?

  10. Hammerfall congratulations for his 15 years as good albun that I never get tired of listening without leaving behind the others. Well I am a fan and I can not quit, I say congratulations guys for giving supreme sound Hammerfall

  11. Congratulations!!! =)

    Glory To The Brave is a great piece of music as well as your other records They are all epic!!!
    Unfortunately I´m not able to see you live, but if the Wacken Open Air is brodcast on TV, I´m gonna watch it =)

    … and I want to say that you really have deserved a break… I mean for us fans the shows are just fun but for you it is hard work… you are far away from your home, your families and your friends when you´re on tour for months… and I don´t think that it is great to sleep in a bus…

    So celebrate the anniversary of Glory To The Brave and enjoy your time at home!!!!!!!!

    Greetings from Saxony (Germany)

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