HammerFall on Swedish national television tonight!

The hosts of the program “99 Saker Man Måste Göra Innan Man Dör” (translation: 99 things you have to do before you die) visited HammerFall on stage at Summer Breeze Open Air last month, and tonight the result will be aired on Swedish television. Tune in to TV6 at 21:00 and watch Erik & Mackan become rockstars for a day together with the Templars of HammerFall!


  1. Tv6 had wrong about the band, Joacim joined 1996, not 1993.

  2. Hello I am from germany and I was at the smmerbreeze how can I get the opportunity to watch this episode of Erik & Mackan ?

    See you in Oberhausen :)

  3. hejsa alle i Hammerfall lige en hilsen fra DK. hvornår og hvor kommer i til danmark i 2012 .
    Hilsen Michael Ginderskov
    en stor FAN…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hello I am from Canada, eh! Where can I see this episode online of Erik & Mackan? Thanks

    Me & my bf went to a Hammerfal concert in Vancouver 2011, it was f-cktastic, music to our ears (a good eargasm) :)

    I hope to see you again in our fabulous city of Vancouver


  5. Hi Guys,
    I just watched your interview on VH1 Classic,(I’m in America,) & thought you were great!! I’ve never really paid attenetion to your kind of metal before, but after seeing you, I’m going to start listening to you. Thanks so much, for introducing me to another form of metal. You guys are awesome!!!!
    Chrissy Stewart
    South River, NJ

  6. I also forgot to say, that if anybody from Europe did not get a chance to see these guys on the documentary called “Metal Evolution” , you must watch it, if you can. I’m sure it’s available on the website. It’s VH1 Classic, & it’s the episode called “Power Metal” That kind of thing does not go on over here, that I’m aware of, anyway, but you all look like you’re having so much fun, while listening to some really great music.
    Anyway, “ROCK ON, EUROPE”
    Chrissy Stewart

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