HammerFall taking 2013 off

In the midst of celebrating their 15th anniversary of the album Glory To The Brave and the subsequent taking of the metal world by storm, the band has announced that they will take an extended break immediately following the festivals this summer.

“It has been an unbelievable first 15 years, to say the least”, says guitarist Oscar Dronjak, “and now we are taking a pause to ensure that we have another 15 years ahead of us.”

There will be no HammerFall activities in 2013, but the band promises to return strong the next year. “The plan is to use the year off to recharge our batteries and come back more vital than ever with a new album in 2014″, explains singer Joacim Cans.


Anniversary shows

Therefore, the two biggest shows of the year will be Dalhalla in Sweden, on July 28th, and Wacken Open Air in Germany a week later, and the band will celebrate their 15 year anniversary properly at those two events. Says Joacim: “Obviously, the gig to attend is the one in Dalhalla, that will be the biggest and most special show we have ever done! Two hours of music, special effects and guest artists! But we will not forget that it all started at Wacken for us once upon a time”. The German festival was the first show HammerFall ever did outside of Sweden, and marked the beginning of the long and passsionate relationship the band has enjoyed with the German metal fans. “This is why we have decided to pull out all the stops for these two shows, and really make them special”, Oscar says, “It will be a fitting end to the first 15 years of our career”.


  1. While you are all recharging. I will await for you to return!
    Perhaps I will see you all tonight in Trollhättan ;)

  2. come to New York. we want you… all of you.

  3. So it’s real… the world’s ending in 2012… at least for me…. 2013 is gonna be a waiting year for us all ! Hope you come again to barcelona in 2014 with strenght and power !!!

  4. I really hope that they get right in mind again and return to their older sound. No Sacrifice No Victory wasn’t bad, but I’m afraid Infected was…. Infected=/=Hammerfall.
    Please get awesome again

    • I think they returned to their older sound with Infected! I love the fact that they have returned to Heavy Metal, as they did so well on their two first albums.

  5. Glad to see this. sometimes bands do need a break. cant wait for them to return. enjoy your time! cheers

  6. thanks HAMMERFALL!!! we are hammerfall and we waiting from south american tour!!!please dont go!!…WE LOVE YOU HAMMERFALL!!!

  7. Take a much deserved rest and i will still be here waiting for the next great album in 2014! Your fans here in America are growing stronger everyday!! Rest Up! YOUR TEMPLARS will be waiting!

  8. Please come to URUGUAY

  9. Guys,
    have a good rest, have a nice time and come back to us with your great metall creations ONE MORE TIME!
    Do not forget to include Russia in your next tour. Lets meet in Moscow!
    Missing you and waiting for you.

  10. Please come on ARGENTINA !! I waiting fucking forever !!

  11. Dudes get to Knoxville TN in the US in 2014 i will have a cold one waiting for ya




  13. You guys are Great!!! wish you could make it to the U.S.. But with all the shenanigans going on over here. If I was in Sweden I wouldn’t want to come over here either..
    Just keep sending the CD’s over You have a Big Fan here….
    I have No Sacrifices No Victory = I loved every bit of the CD. I also have Masterpieces. Awesome CD. My kinda Rock-n-Roll
    Keep Up the Jams
    You fan Dinolive

  14. Please come to Argentina!! We need Hammerfall!!




  16. The band totally deserve an off-time!
    I hope you all enjoy it!

    And when you comeback, come to Brazil, Uruguai and Argentina, so I can attend ALL GIGS!

    See ya!

  17. Take your time, recharge and – most important: remember the “Glory to the Brave” times… You came out with exactly the right album to exactly the right time. It’s a classic, more than that: it already was a classic by the day it came out. Your first album was your strongest, it will never wear out.
    Take the time you need to get back to that level of impact. Mainstream sucks, continuing the watering down of the GtB spirit sucked in the past and it would suck even more if you didn’t do anything about it.
    I am patient, I salute you for what you have done back in the late 90s – and I hope it’s the olden times that will guide your future path.
    Take care.

  18. Enjoy tour break, my friends! After, please, come to Brazil! The brazilian templars can’t wait anymore!!


  19. It’s good to hear you guys planning a break. I hope you will have a great time, find new inspiration for a fantastic album.. Hopefully going back to the ‘old’ Hammerfall vibe…

    Take care & a lot of rest ;-)

  20. I hope I’ll see you again in Warsaw in 2014! I’ll see ya from the front row of course ;) Take care and rest for this year – you truly deserve it!

  21. hi ….hammerfall band….i am from the philippines particularly in davao city. i am one of your fans here…patient zero one of my favorate song..i also collecting all your album..power metel is my life….if you dont mind i dont have any shirt here in our town.hope you can send me here.or any things that could i wear.thank in advance…my complete addrres is 846 Atis st. Juna Subd. Matina,Davao City Philippines.

  22. Enjoy the break, I hope in 2014 you come state side and do a concert in Los Angeles CA so I can come see you play. Or a new by state HAHA.

  23. We want Hector back in 2014! I, and i think some more fans want to see him in the next album!

  24. Ni måste komma tillbaks till uppsala till uppsala. Det var legendariskt. Lova att ni kommer dit 2014. Fast även om ni inte gör det så tänker jag åka hur långt jag än måste åka för att se er live. Har sett er tre gånger live och 2014 blir den fjärde ses där!

  25. och förresten så vill jag köpa dvd när ni spelade live dalhala. Jag var där och vill verkligen köpa den. När kommer den ut? Och var kan man köpa den?


  27. Take care, do some R & R and hopefully you guys will rock out in Vancouver maybe in 2014…

    all the best, esp for Joacim, may the force be with you, always!

    Love, Wendy L Keep the fire burning! \M/

  28. Hey men.

    Have a nice break. I’ve seen you in Wacken this year and it was my first Hammerfall-Show an probably not the last!!! It was awesome. Thanke you.

    Hope to see you soon :)

  29. I love your music,it’s amazing really.. please come to Norway, I really want to se this band live. :)

  30. Hey guys!!!! I know it’s been mentioned in the past but I’m raising the topic again. Please consider doing Australia!! The soundwave festival would be an awesome way to get your music to us down under! Keep up the fantastic work! Hope to see you in Australia one day!

  31. Hallo .Hammerfall , May namise is EmilPrahl.
    From Sweden Karlskrona .Love Hammerfall
    Newos BluRay Dvd.From The Dallhallase Of The hammerfallse.The Heay Nu-metal The Bandsen .
    God Nattesen.Hammerfall .From The EmilPrahl
    I Live in Critysen in The .Carlskrona

  32. Hallo .May dreayse -A love you Doue Hammerfall
    .Maskoretsen . Stig Hammerfall.Baybay
    Hammerfall .From The EmilPrahl.
    In Carlskorna in Cirtysean .IN Blekningen
    Ländsean . Kizz me Hammerfall .From
    EmilPrahl Alove In Flamse And Hammerfall .Freandysen .
    baybay .Gothburgse Two The Hard Nu Metal.Rock
    Two Bandse sowe vatte In Flamse And .Hammerfall

  33. Please do a U.S. tour sometime after your new album. You guys are by far my favorite band, and I would love to see you live, though I cannot travel to Europe to do it. And if you do a U.S. tour, please stop somewhere by Ohio!

  34. When they were appearing in chili already there are great the years in which I wait for them.

    Long life to immortal you of the metal.

    \\m// IronLeo666 \\m//

  35. come to wolverhampton ,uk

  36. Hey, come to roanoke virginia.

  37. I hppe you guys return with a great album and BRAZIL want you in rock in rio \m/

  38. but you are coming back to Serbia… right? Q.Q

  39. fuck if it would come to Brazil, I hope so

  40. I’ll be looking forward to your return to southern California!! In the mean time I’ll be watching Gates of Dalhalla and One Crimson Night!!

  41. please come to SOUTH america … other times are now , we want to see them play here …


  42. Please come to Colombia ….again

  43. Please come to Rochester, NY. I have all ur cd’s now I just need to see you in person! It will be epic!

  44. Love your band! Please come to Germay again!

  45. wann kommt ihr mal in die schweiz???

  46. Please come on ARGENTINA !! come any means necessary

  47. Hi guys,
    please come to the Wacken-Open-Air in 2014. We want to see you ONE MORE TIME there.

  48. MATES dont forget your fans in Australia!!!!!!!!!!! \m/

  49. GUYZ U ROCK OFFICIALY ^^ WE ALL WANT U IN SERBIA IN 2014 can’t w8 for u’re gig good luck and enjoy u’re vecation :D

  50. i miss the live in switzerland last year, what a mistake.

    I m impatient you come back with your oustanding sound and energy, nothing will impend me to see your come back in switzerland.

  51. Hi! You guys should tell us about your vacations, where you been in the world, what you ate during that time, what beer and babes you fucked during that time lol whatever it is with what you are doing, Im sure you have a super hot time, and fans around the world would like to hear from ya guys – wherever you are going in 2014 or 2015, I will see you somewhere and willing to pay that crazy insane expensive plane ticket. Ask Metal Church what they are thinking about a duo , they are in the situation where they are coming back in a full force.Honestly, each time, I think the next Hammerfall album will not be good, but each time Im wrong, the new albums are always fantastic.
    you even ask, how the hell those guys created those solos which are pure genius solos and riffs. take your time, and having a huge joint of deluxe hash with massive inspiration again for 2014-2015 – Jean.

  52. Когда новый альбом выйдет? блеать, хорош уже отдыхать.

  53. All of your fans here in Toronto will be awaiting your return. Can’t wait for a new album & to see HammerFall once again

  54. Don’t forget south America!!!!!
    we’ve waiting for you a lot of time and we want to see you in CHILE!!! We love your music…. We love YOU!

  55. Come to Colorado soon guys! Also have a great break i looked forward to every and all new songs you will ever make as a band!

  56. Hope to see you on Wacken 2014, I heard you’ll come but you’re not oficially signed in, hope this will change till start of Wacken :D.

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