Uni Rock Open Air appearance cancelled!

HammerFall’s first performance in Turkey was supposed to happen this Friday, at Uni Rock Open Air. It’s now Wednesday evening, and the band’s representatives still haven’t received flight tickets nor any deposit payments for the appearance. Therefore, and most unfortunately, HammerFall is forced to cancel the performance at Uni Rock Open Air 2011.


“We’ve been wanting to come to Turkey for a long, long time, and this is just so sad. But without flight tickets, it’s not so easy to get to the gig”, says basist Fredrik Larsson, ”and these things are beyond our control this time”. Guitarist Oscar Dronjak continues: “The plan was to end the festival season on a high note, and then refocus on the upcoming European Outbreak tour beginning at the end of October. Instead, we end in the worst possible way: with a cancelled show. It sucks ass.”


“We’re very sorry for any inconvenience this may have cause for you, the Turkish fans, we had longed to play for you! But we promise to be back sometime next year, that’s for damn sure”, punctuates singer Joacim, “so keep your flame burning until we get there!”



  1. I don’t believe it. I buy the my tickets 2 months ago. I’m so excited.

  2. Our organizers Of Hip idiot or it seems to me relevant to your organization ever disagreed with a payment provided twill But now after a year you come to this event or concert, I’m glad you listen to in Europe.

  3. Ticket provider says they can’t refund and I’ve bought that freaking ticket just for Hammerfall.. So cool…

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