Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken

Released: March 4th, 2005
Charts positions:
#11 Hungary
#12 Germany
#18 Finland
#25 UK (Rock/Metal charts)
#36 Austria
#39 Switzerland
#4 Sweden
#71 Italy

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Album Lineup

Joacim Cans: lead and backing vocals
Oscar Dronjak: guitar and backing vocals
Stefan Elmgren: lead guitar
Magnus Rosén: bass guitar
Anders Johansson: drums

Guest performers

Acoustic guitar on “Never, Ever” by Stefan Elmgren, on “Imperial” by Oscar Dronjak Keyboard programming by Oscar Dronjak, additional keyboard programming by Patrick Benzer. All keyboards played by Patrick Benzer except clavinet on “Secrets” by Martin Meyer. String arrangement on “Never, Ever” by Dave Roth. Additional backing vocals by Rolf Köhler, Olaf Zenkbiel, Mats Rendlert, Joacim Lundberg, Markus Sköld och Johan Aremyr Special guest appearance on “Knights Of The 21st Century”, from the very depth of hell, Mr. Conrad “Cronos” Lant

Album Details

Produced, mixed, mastered and engineered by Charlie Bauerfeind Recorded at Lundg?rd Studios, Denmark, September 4th-October 25th, 2004 Mixed at Mi Sue?o Studios, Tenerife, November 4th-25th, 2004 All songs written by Oscar Dronjak and Joacim Cans, except “Born To Rule” by Oscar Dronjak, Joacim Cans and Stefan Elmgren, and “Never, Ever” and “Imperial” by Oscar Dronjak All songs published by Warner/Chappell except “Born To Rule” by Warner Chappell/manus Artwork by Samwise Didier following an original idea by Joacim Cans and Oscar Dronjak

Track listing

01 – Secrets
02 – Blood Bound
03 – Fury Of The Wild
04 – Hammer Of Justice
05 – Never, Ever
06 – Born To Rule
07 – The Templar Flame
08 – Imperial
09 – Take The Black
10 – Knights Of The 21st Cenutry

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  1. Love how this is about A Song of Ice and Fire. Great album!

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