Released: June 27th, 2008
Charts positions: #15 Sweden
#38 Switzerland
#69 Germany

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Album Lineup

Joacim Cans – lead and backing vocals
Oscar Dronjak – guitar and backing vocals
Stefan Elmgren – lead guitar
Fredrik Larsson – bass guitar
Anders Johansson – drums

Track Listing

01. Child Of The Damned
02. Ravenlord (South America Bonus)
03. Eternal Dark
04. Back to back
05. I Want Out
06. Man On The Silver Mountain
07. Head Over Heels
08. Run With The Devil
09. We’re gonna make it
10. Breaking The Law
11. Angel Of Mercy
12. Rising force
13. Detroit Rock City
14. Crazy Nights
15. När Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn
16. Flight Of The Warrior
17. Youth Gone Wild
18. Aphasia


  1. Wow, your post makes mine look feelbe. More power to you!

  2. Hey,
    My wife got me the Rebels dvd+Masterpieces cd pack and while listening to it and watching youtube I got puzzled and had to write to ask…
    Is Joacim singing alone in “I Want Out” or is Kai with him?

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