Oscar Dronjak

Born in Mölndal, Sweden, on January 20th, 1972. My first musical experience, like so many other Swedes, was the recorder. The trombone followed for four years, before I started to play the guitar at the age of fourteen. Shortly thereafter I put together my first band, the Hippie Killers! We moved on to Striker, playing heavy metal covers mixed with my first experience with writing songs (naturally in the same vein). Founded death metal act Desecrator (later Ceremonial Oath) in 1989, where I functioned as song writer, vocalist and part time lead guitarist. We recorded the conceptual “The Book Of Truth”, but I quit the band due to musical differences before the album was released.

The early stages of HammerFall now saw the dawn of light. Some friends and I had just started rehearsing the first heavy metal song I had written in four years, “Steel Meets Steel”, when I broke my right arm playing soccer. After I had recovered, a new death metal experience by the name of Crystal Age was waiting for me. Taking off immediately, including a mini-tour in Poland and an appearance on the Metallica tribute album “Metal Militia”, the band soon had a record deal with Dutch label Vic Records. “Far Beyond Divine Horizons”, another concept album, was recorded in April of 1995 but not released until the fall of 1996 due to reasons beyond our control. By then, all interest among the members to continue had waned, and Crystal Age dissolved.

Luckily, I had kept HammerFall going as a way to keep the flame of heavy metal alive. In May of 1996, Joacim had joined us as singer of the band, and we got a record deal shortly thereafter. Again, Vic Records was the one who believed. We recorded “Glory To The Brave” in November, and the rest is, as they say, history…

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