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Gates Of Dalhalla



1. Patient Zero (Live)

2. Heeding the Call (Live)

3. Any Means Necessary (Live)

4. B.Y.H. (Live)

5. Riders of the Storm (Live)

6. Let's Get it On (Live)

7. Crimson Thunder (Live)

8. Renegade (Live)

9. Blood Bound (Live)

10. Last Man Standing (Live)

11. Fury of the Wild (Live)

12. Drum-Solo: Anders Johansson (Live)

13. Always Will Be (Live)

14. Dia de Los Muertos (Live)

15. Steel Meets Steel (Live)

16. Threshold (Live)

17. The Dragon Lies Bleeding (Live)

18. Let the Hammer Fall (Live)

19. När Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn (Live) [Cover]

20. Something for the Ages (Live)

21. The Templars Flame (Live)

22. Oh Fortuna (Live)

23. Glory To The Brave (Live)

24. One More Time (Live)

25. HammerFall (Live)

26. Hearts on Fire (Live)

27. Behind the Scenes


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Nuclear Blast

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