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Renegade 2.0 is here!

17 sep. 2021

Renegade 2.0 is here!

Last year was the 20th anniversary of Renegade, but due to the pandemic it had to be postponed. Well, the time is finally here! Renegade 2.0 is remixed by the magic ears and fingers of Fredrik Nordström and the all-new, heavier feel to the songs deserved a brand new cover. Enter Andreas Marschall, who let Hector ride on a bit farther from the burning castle he had him ravage two decades ago. The full album comes out on November 12 in a variety of different formats: 2 CD+DVD box, 3 LP box with vinyls in gold or marbled grey, plus a single LP available in four different colors. The remixed version of "Templars Of Steel" is out now wherever you like to consume your digital music. The Heavy Metal Revolution cannot be stopped!

Read more about the Renegade 2.0 release:

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