Released: May 18th, 2011 (Sweden), May 20th (Europe), June 7th (North America)

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Track Listing

1.  Patient Zero

2.  B.Y.H.

3.  One More Time

4.  Outlaw

5.  Send Me A Sign

6.  Dia De Los Muertos

7.  I Refuse

8.  666 – The Enemy Within

9.  Immortalized

10.  Let’s Get It On

11.  Redemption


Album lineup

Joacim Cans – lead and backing vocals
Oscar Dronjak – guitar and backing vocals
Pontus Norgren – guitar and backing vocals
Fredrik Larsson – bass guitar and backing vocals
Anders Johansson – drums

Album Details

Produced by Pontus Norgren and Oscar Dronjak

Co-produced and by James Michael


Drums recorded at Bohus Studios in Kungälv, Sweden, by Tobias Lindell

Guitars and bass recorded at ⌘-s Studios in Göteborg, Sweden, by Pontus Norgren and Oscar Dronjak

Vocals and keyboards recorded at Red Level 3 Studios in Nashville, TN, USA, by James Michael

Mixed at Red Level 3 Studios by James Michael

Mastered by David Donnelly


Piano, clavinet and zombie breathing by James Michael

Additional backing vocals by Sam Didier

Female voice in “Patient Zero” by Shanaz

Male voice in “Let’s Get It On” by James Michael

All songs published by BMG Rights


  1. i hope this album would be better than No Sacrifice , No Victory

  2. I think no sacriface was rly, rly good one… now started listnening to infected so lets see…
    first sone is good… smth new but gooood

  3. Hi! I think the band can choose one of the best beautiful Pokolgép song! Great music! (Send Me a Sign – Hol van a szó)

  4. editting my post yesterday
    - Infected is something new, but still AWESOME!
    cya on Masters of Rock

  5. Cant wait, already preordered it on itunes.

  6. WTF? Better than “Something for the ages”? Are you kidding me/us?
    Get a life! -.-

  7. I’m disappointed – I’ve expected HammerFall… Bring back old HammerFall, bring back Hector! If you want to make some zombie stuff make side-project.

  8. “bang your head”? really?.. you shouldn’t have to ask your audience. i’m halfway through the new album and i’m not convinced. so far it sounds contrived, formulaic and downright cheesy, despite the technical proficiency. hammerfall used to be about epic heroism against all odds. the ambition in their songwriting has been fed to satisfaction, life has been too good to the band and they’re not hungry to reach for glory anymore. it’s all too obvious that they’ve churned out a mediocre record for the sake of maintaining the status quo. no wonder stefan left.

    • Stefan didn’t leave HammerFall because of that. he left because he liked to fly airplanes and do that for a living.

      and the new album is nothing wrong with true there some new stuff on it, and they said we should see a new side of them on this new album so.

    • Crimson Thunder, Renegade, Threshold, Chapter V are fucking best becouse there is Crusader and video clips with Crusader. and there is Stefan. This new album Infected is bad becouse there is no hammer, no crusader, no stefan, I want to see continue of videoclips Natural high! He is a hero! remember One Crimson night at the start Crusader came at the stage and all people were wonderfull when he hit the anvil!
      Pls make a more destructing songs with crusader and metal symbols. dont change this style. why insnt on new album song like in memoriam or rise the hammer. I am disappointed sorry guys.

  9. Infected is awesome, the best song is Dia de los muertos

  10. Patient Zero

    I breathe alone, my skin
    begins to peel
    Forsaken in my misery
    to battle this ordeal

    I can’t resist the cravings,
    no I have to ease the pain
    My screaming brain is melting slowly,
    turning me insane

    Devastation all across the nation
    Infected, but I am not alone
    My days are numbered but I am a patient
    From zero the counting has begun

    I resist resistance, I survive the
    hangman’s noose
    Future looks sinister,
    I’m a zombie on the loose

    Cuz I feed in darkness,
    I feast in broad daylight
    Whatever you do, better hold on
    tight and stay out of my sight

    Evacuation all across the nation
    Infected, but I am not alone
    Our days are numbered
    and we are patient
    To zero the countdown has begun

    We exist but our hearts don’t beat
    The streets, our sacred haven
    Fight or flee
    don’t waste another round

    Solo: Pontus Norgren

    We exist, but our eyes run red
    The dead will feast upon you
    Aiming high, don’t chocke
    or you’ll be downed

    Retribution a suicide solution
    Infected but you are not alone
    All lives are numbered
    and we are all patient
    To zero the countdown has begun

  11. Dia de Los Muertos

    Light up the candles and open the gate
    The bell is ringing for the souls with no fate
    Our little angels, all lost in this world

    Death is transcending, they will ressurect
    Not from their grave, but they’ve come to collect
    In danza macabra, the dance of the dead

    We honor the souls, we praise the departed
    Now lo calavera catrina is glowing
    The eyes of the skull bursting into a blaze

    All of the damned – dia de los muertos
    All of the damned – los angelitos, los innocentes
    So listen, beware, remember what they said
    That life is best enjoyed after death

    There is a place where the evil can rest
    Let’s draw a circle and take out their nest
    Into the fire, we all been mislead

    Battle is raging prepare to attack
    Made out of fire they clobber my back
    The living and dead in a final ballet

    Let’s summon the dead,
    We all stand together
    But we thought the spirits
    Would rest on this day
    How could we be so blind,
    Stop the dance start the slay

    All of the damned – dia de los muertos
    All of the damned – los angelitos, los innocentes
    So listen, beware, remember what they said
    That life is best enjoyed after death

  12. The Outlaw

    It started with the holy water rising to a boil
    The crops went bad, no life coul breed,
    beneath the rotten soil
    Imprisoned for his make beliefs,
    impending dire views
    Became accountable for every flaw,
    spread the news

    Disturbing dreams of the future – reverie
    Seven flights of imagination

    These taunting dreams no one could read
    or even understand
    Desilutions of insanity, banned from his fatherland
    Just leave the ship and swim ashore life’s hanging by a thread
    Days of mass destruction, hamrageddon, lies ahead

    Disrurbing dreams of the future -reverie
    Seven flights of imagination

    Bring out the Outlaw, how do you plead
    To the allegation
    Bring out the Outlaw, charge him, decree
    Eternal damnation

    So, seven years of devastation followed in the land
    One for every prophecy, served by tha almighty hand
    The outlaw was imprisoned for scattering his dreams
    None stood up to hold his ground, spineless so it seems
    Disturbing dreams of the future – reverie
    Seven flights of imagination

    Bring out the Outlaw, could you forsee
    The allegation
    Bring out the Outlaw, charge him, decree
    Eternal damnation

    A life could be saved, if someone stood up for his rights
    Now cursed and condemned, mistreated on his last nocturnal flight

    Solo: Pontus Norgren
    Bring out the Outlaw, how do you plead
    To the allegation
    Bring out the Outlaw, charge him, decree
    Eternal damnation

    Call for the Outlaw, help us forsee
    God’s allegation
    Call for the Outlaw, charge us, decree
    Eternal damnation

  13. Snow keeps falling down
    From grace in the dark
    Frozen tears in silent cries
    Oh, oh, oh…
    Sadness, now color the battle field
    All around, life passing by
    Falling from my eyes
    Like a raindrop from the skies
    Falling from my eyes
    Oh, oh…
    So Send me a Sign
    Just a way to explain
    Tell me what I can do
    I’m turning insane
    So Send me a Sign
    Show me what I should do
    Only one wish to tell
    A word sincerely signed just for you
    Winter paved ny way, couldn’t see nor believe
    I watched the snow highlighting my grief
    Oh, oh, oh…
    Sadness, I long for the sun to shine
    Please melt the ice wrapped around my heart
    Falling from my eyes
    Like a raindrop from the skies
    Falling from my eyes
    Oh, oh…
    So Send me a Sign
    Just a way to explain
    Tell me what I can do
    I’m turning insane
    So Send me a Sign
    Show me what I should do
    Only one wish to tell
    A word sincerely signed just for you

  14. please post other lyrics. will give my thanks!! ^ ^ )))

  15. Awesome, guys! I love it! but why is the cover shown on this site different from the real cover of the album?

  16. I totally enjoyed your new album! Great stuff. Thank you.

  17. I love the “No Sacrifice..”. Listening to Infected now. Don’t know if it’d be better, but it is for sure different. I like it so far ;)

  18. Great album! No Sacrifice is still their best to date, but Infected is fresh, despite being simplistic. I enjoy it.
    Still, I hope the zombie stuff is just a one-timer :D

  19. dunno why are ppl angry anout “no hector, no heroic” hammerfall….
    they moved and thats great! something new is always hard to accept but this is great!
    best song imho: Redemption, need to listen to it several times but i love it… dia de los muertos is my second:)
    about the zombies- ye nice but as Daniel said… i hope you peeps not gonna change band name for ZombieFall…. :)
    but again, GREAT JOB!!

  20. I like REDEMPTION’s intro!!

  21. The song “Send Me A Sign” is a tribute to the song “Hol van a szó” from Pokolgép. Why don’t they write this next to the song name?

  22. What the hell has happened to the HF? Where are the well known trademarks of the band: power metal with catchy guitar riffs and singalong choruses?
    So far I’ve listened this album six times waiting to get into it, but no. Okay couple of tracks are pretty good but all and all this is real disappointment.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of HF having all the band’s albums and I still like the band but in my opinion this new musical transformation is not good – I would like to see HF going back to their power metal roots on the next album, which I hope we’ll see in the future.

  23. AKAIK you’ve got the asnewr in one!

  24. I LOVE THE NEW CD!!! I can’t wait for you to tour the East Coast of the U.S. again. ROCK ON METAL WARRIORS!!!

  25. hi guys,

    after all these “ITS AWESOME!!!” i will break – what have you done?

    the first song of your new album, patient zero… i’d watch on youtube and i really was surprised. this is the first song, i don’t really like :(

    but it’s no reason for me, i will listen also, ’cause the rest of the album is very good. in my mind not the best, i love “no sacrifice no victory” but it’s okay.

    hope it was enough of critics ;) i will still like your sound

    bye Rajani from Germany

  26. did anyone notice that this album is the only one without the gloryous warrior on the cover? i miss him, what happened to him?!
    all in all i noticed that this album has less “Warrior” and “Battle” songs than all befor.
    i liked all those “storming battlefield”-Songs, that made the music to the hammerFall music i liked. now i miss all that stuff.
    the music feels less gloryous.
    One Crimson Night and all albums befor are still the best musik HammerFall ever did.
    Think about this Joacim, i please you.

  27. Needed some time to get into the album, but yes.. It’s great again. Remembering the time when I became a metal fan.. Heeding the call made me go to the better music.

    It’s too bad that there’s no battlefury in the new album, but they’re changing like we all do. Still a beautifull album.

    Will be meeting you soon in Holland again, 6th time!
    Keep the flame burning

  28. i like the new album
    its different but not bad different
    Let The Hammer Fall

  29. just bought it!! loved dia de los muertos. great job

    Let The Hammer Fall from Mexico,

  30. Salut, Hammerfall j’aime tout ce que vous faite je vous écoute partout sur mon mp3 sur mon system de sons jai acheter le cd infected jespère un jour vous voir pr entendre ce que jaime le plus
    continuez ce que vous faites votre musique fesse autant qu’un marteau, sur ce….

    let the hammer fall from Canada Québec!!!
    II II /=/=== ==^=====
    II II / / I / /===
    II==II / / == / / ==
    \\ \\/ / ~~~~~~~~~ / /~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hector always will be!
    in our hearts!
    Glory to the brave!

  31. This is different than older HammerFall albums.

  32. I have the first four albums of Hammerfall and I really enjoy them very much, but since then I haven’t listened too much the following albums, until Infected and I am amazed with it. Infected is an amazing album, all the songs are great. My favorites are Patient Zero and Día de los muertos. I’m ok with this new concept, you have the right to express yourselves as you wish, just keep the good work. So far, so good. This album is awesome!! Definitely I’m going to buy it as soon as I can. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Come to México!!

  33. I have had the album for a while now. Listen to it from time to time, and listen to past albums as well. I have to admit that this album is “okay”. The fact that it sounds “rock and roll-ish” isn’t all that great. The zombie theme breaks my heart. Zombies? Really. Thats such an over-used concept. The only thing about this “zomie themed” album is that it does a great job of telling what its like to be a zombie. How it’s a life of endless pain and torture. I don’t know if that was the original intention or anything, but it feels that way to me, and it is quite good.

    I just hope albums like this become the “normal thing”. It was a good album, but I enjoy the old stuff much more. :)

    • Woops, my bad. The last paragraph I meant to say: “I just hope albums like this Don’t become the “normal thing”.

  34. Hello guys! This album brings in my ears the old Hammerfall with fresh new “fucking” sound! Just owsome! I can’t believe my ears…what am i listening? catchy riffs,heavy riffs,great tunes,great theme inspiration on lyrics..very good riffs!!!
    i am “infected” with HAMMERFALL since ’97…and i am getting worse off with this new infection!!! Stay Heavy..Stay Metal…Elias from Greece..I believe – in everything I see, every
    second is a miracle for me
    I believe – after sunshine comes the
    rain, and when it’s pouring down
    the only thing I feel is pain…

  35. Best album in a while. Top of my list anyway. Some really
    heavy swedish “tunggung”. U ROCK !

  36. saludos hammerfall, de donde habeis sacado esta disco?? no os pega para nada, vuestro estilo es power metal, este cambio no me ha gustado en absoluto, ¿donde habeis dejado a hector? con natural high estuvo sorprendente…. o en el crimson thunder… ahora que, va a matar zombis? o los zombis lo han matado a el, espero que vuestro proximo disco volvais a vuestro muy buen power metal, con vuestras letras y solos asombrosos, porque este estilo no me gusta nada

  37. Badass record guys. Thank you.
    In my opinion, you hit the top with “Crimson Thunder” but the following albums just didn´t keep up. There might be some exceptions in “No sacrifice, no victory”, but way below “Crimson Thunder”.

    It requires a lot of courage for a band to explore different and new stuff (both musically and conceptually). You did just great here.

    Keep the Hammer high!!

  38. not too bad at all. not a bid zombie apocalypse fan myself but there are some pretty kick ass songs. redemption is my fav. soo sinister sounding. just be glad they didnt change genre like metallica did! lol

  39. really nice sound (just listened to “the outlaw” ).

    new style – but amazing!

  40. Like so many times already stated, but always like to say my opinion anyway:

    As old HF fan, I feel insulted that HF so blatantly spat on their old fans who looked up to this bands message “power metal with catchy guitar riffs and singalong choruses and Hector” (yes i copy pasted coz it was great sentence)

    Yes, the Infected aint bad, but it AINT Hammerfall, just a mainstream album with no personal touch.

    Yes, feel free to disargue and claim “they tried new stuff” and such, but like any good bands, they should know that when a fan goes to CD store and see HF album, he knows what to get.

    If you still dont get my point, put “Renegade” on, and then any new one from Infected album and say even ONE thing that sounds like Hammerfall in that new album.

    We liked Hammerfall because it was unique in its bold style lining, now HF sounded like any mainstream Hero metal band release.

    I let my GF to listen the album (yes she does like HF and knows the band) and she didnt believe it was HF till i shoved the album.

    There, ranting over. Enjoy your day HF fans :)

  41. I disagree

    Brilliant cd!!

  42. this is a good album with very good songs but older albums are better than this they are “more hammerfall”
    anyway i love this band and i am waiting for new songs \m/

  43. Why is everyone complaining about the change in the theme? It’s true that hammerfall used to be all about quests and hammers and heroes… But seriously, you guys: there are 7 albums about that, how many more do you expect the band make? You keep writing about the same stuff and you’re gonna run out of ideas and get repetitive (In my humble opinion, the last 2 albums were too much of what we’ve already heard before!). This album sounds great and I’m glad the band did this and gave us something new! All hail Hammerfall! \m/

  44. This is a simple storny:i am a normal guy from the cuntryside but i want to change them,and when i see first time what is the life in the big cty i really enjoy it.That was 7 years ago and i start listen hammerfall and i dont listen anything other music for for years.Glory to the brave,Legacy of kings,Renegade,Crimson thunder,Chapter V…,Threshold.This is the epic way of Hammerfall to the “power and the glory”.Masterpieces:good,Steel meets steel:good,No sacrafice,no victory is something new and i couldn’t accept it because this is not the hammerfall what i love,BUT this album:Infected is show somthing new and something old from the big Hammerfall.Remember Hector because the world should be more pourer whithout him…..

  45. This album is very super !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s very good sings :D

  46. INFECTED.. I only say: HEAVY!!!! Well done guys!

  47. WTF ?? Sorry guys but…No !
    I’m an HF Fan from the First Hours’s from Germany and i’m not the only here who says: ALL earlier Albums are better than this one !
    What is it ? Just testing around a little bit i hope !
    Don’t leave your path… just listen to Renegade or Crimson Thunder and than listen to Infected…. can you feel the painfull Changes you made ?!
    I let 2 friends listen to Infected and ask them about the Performer….an even if they knew Joacim’s voice…..they were afraid of given the right answer !! :-(
    Or look at your HP: 23 Comments for ALL Albums since Glory to the Brave and almost 60 only for Infected because the hardcore fan’s had to force themselves to find i great !

  48. OMG ! THIS IS NEW FOR ME :D, AND WE ARE IN 2012 :(



  49. hey guys,
    this album is a masterpiece as every HF’s one. look, with your goofy comments you are not changing anything…. get a life, if you don’t like it go buzz somewhere else, chukleheads -.-” there’s only five people in this world that decides what HammerFall would be! follow or not, that’s your choice……

    I have been HF’s fan for 8 years and they are my first and the only band. Infected is a great album, I like it, keep rocking HF! \m/

  50. Helloween has the pumpkin besides their music never changed, you had the hammer, you had Hector, but more than that you had a specific way of playing HEAVY METAL.

  51. This is great heard it a thousand times and really love it. The lyrics is actually better tham it used to be. More power. Love it. But i think that this zombie thing was a great thing but still i hope it was a one time thing because i think you took all the good things from the zombie theme and made it awesome so i cant really figure out what you would do with the theme if you made another album with zombies. Love you guys and i hope that on the next album you will another awesome theme. Will totally see you live in 2014 pls come to uppsala to katalin once again. I sang on every song there and had fucking pain in my neck. So pls if you come to uppsala i promise i will take friends with me

  52. oh and i would love to hear songs like unchain and howling with the pac and genocide when i hear you live next time. Love those songs

  53. This is another great album. I have to say that it took a few listens before I warmed up to it but once I did I couldn’t stop listening. It is different but good. Metal with singers who actually sing is the only metal I listen to. I like heavy music with actual melodies. A lot of new metal has gutteral type of singing which I just can’t warm up to. Hammerfall plays metal the way it should be made. It’s fun, has great lyrics, and best up all its metal at its purist form. Infected brings something new and blends it with the old.

    An album I definely love to crank the volume on while driving! I guess I’m hoping to infect others.


  55. HAMMERFALL HAMMERFALL HAMMERFALL !!! You guys make me headbang my head out everytime I listen to your songs. I can name every album one after the other with the date and everything! You will never lose me as a fan, I’ll always listen to your songs no matter what !

    I hope you see this !


    Greets from Malta

  56. I have already bought this album and i love it, thank you HammerFall.

  57. Send Me a Sign…

    When i listened this song first time, I knew i heard it before…

    (btw I love this album! :) It’s amazing! :) )

  58. Why this album does not have the hammer as all previous albums?

  59. I like this album, but is different…. a song with phrases spanish? What the hell?

  60. I can see the future; Angels. Prepare for the attack, for evil has resurrected to open the Gates of Hell, and eternal damnation. The Dark Spirits have been summoned and unchained, to bring mass destruction to our sacred haven. Let’s get it on. I refuse a 666 victory, and I shall stay Immortalized; forever.

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