No Sacrifice, No Victory

Released: 2009
Charts positions:

#1 Sweden (Rock/Metal)
#18 UK (Rock)
#2 Sweden
#20 Switzerland
#21 UK (Indie)
#25 Austria
#33 Czech Republic
#46 Norway
#7 Greece
#81 Italy
#87 Belgien
#95 France

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

No Sacrifice, No Victory is the seventh studio album by HammerFall and will be released February 20, 2009. Partly recorded in PAMA Studios in Swedish town Torsås, and partly recorded at King Diamond guitarist, Andy La Rocque’s studio Sonic Train Studios in Varberg. This will be the first HammerFall studio album with Pontus Norgren as lead guitar.

Album Lineup:

Joacim Cans – Lead and backing vocals
Oscar Dronjak – Guitars and backing vocals
Pontus Norgren – Guitars and backing vocals
Fredrik Larsson – Bass and backing vocals
Anders Johansson – Drums

Track Listing

1. Any Means Necessary
2. Life Is Now
3. Punish and Enslave
4. Legion
5. Between Two Worlds
6. Hallowed Be My Name
7. Something for the Ages
8. No Sacrifice, No Victory
9. Bring the Hammer Down
10. One of a Kind
11. My Sharona (The Knack cover)


  1. That’s more than snesilbe! That’s a great post!

  2. Youre the best!!
    The best album
    Keep doing good pieces

  3. This is great album, one of your best.
    Thank you, Hammerfall!

  4. LEGION is the best song

  5. Gosto da “Any Means Necessary” a letra me lembra o livro de Maquiavel – O Príncipe

  6. Great album !!!

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