Released: October 9th, 2000
Charts positions:
#1 Sweden
#17 Germany
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
CD, LP, shaped CD, picture LP

Album Lineup

Joacim Cans – lead and backing vocals
Oscar Dronjak – guitar and backing vocals
Stefan Elmgren – lead guitar
Magnus Rosén – bass guitar
Anders Johansson – drums

Guest performers

Jamie Simmons, Paul Simmons & John Alexander – Additional backing vocals on “Destined For Glory”

Album Details

Recorded at WireWorld Studios in Nashville, TN, April- June 2000. Tracks 7, 10 by Dronjak/Cans, tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 written by Dronjak/Cans/Strömblad, track 5 by Dronjak and track 9 by Dronjak/Elmgren. Produced, recorded, engineered and mixed by Michael Wagener for Double Trouble Productions, Inc. Mastered by Eric Conn. All songs published by Warner/Chappell & Prophecies Publishing. Acoustic and 12-string guitar by Stefan Elmgren, keyboards & tambourine by Oscar Dronjak, chimes by Joacim Cans. Additional backing vocals on “Destined For Glory” by Jamie Simmons, Paul Simmons & John Alexander. Harley-Davidson sound on “Renegade” provided by Promise Breakers Motorcycle Club Nashville, TN. Front and back cover artwork by Andreas Marschall following an original idea by Joacim Cans & Oscar Dronjak.

Track listing

01 – Templars Of Steel
02 – Keep The Flame Burning
03 – Renegade
04 – Living In Victory
05 – Always Will Be
06 – The Way Of The Warrior
07 – Destined For Glory
08 – The Champion
09 – Raise The Hammer (Instrumental)
10 – A Legend Reborn



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